Reuters interviews Representative Cheri Bustos with respect to a bill she proposed last week, which would prevent executives of bankrupt companies who make more than $250,000 per year from receiving bonuses during or in the six months before a bankruptcy.  [Reuters; October 19, 2021]

CNBC reports on supply chain issues exacerbated by panic ordering from retailers and manufacturers, which can lead to distorted demand forecasts and unfulfilled orders.  [CNBC; October 20, 2021]

The WSJ analyzes the recent bankruptcy filing of Johnson & Johnson’s newly-formed subsidiary, the venue-selection rules of U.S. bankruptcy law that allow the company to file in Charlotte, North Carolina, and congressional efforts to reform the law.  [WSJ; October 18, 2021]

Reporting from Yahoo Finance indicates that corporate bankruptcy filings in the United States are set to increase in 2022, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence Data. Despite a dip in filings in 2021, experts predict that there will be a wave of filings in 2022 brought on as money from the federal stimulus and lenders runs out, in addition to other issues (including labor shortages and supply chain issues).  [Yahoo Finance; October 12, 2021]